wonderfully experimental and deeply spiritual”

DJ Lapkat

ZENSHIP is poetics trance jazz

ZENSHIP is poetics, trance and jazz. An improvised love affair, an ancient spacecraft, high poems, jazz hypnosis, a funk meditation. ZENSHIP is a Tanya Evanson project based in Tiotià:ke/Montreal, Canada inspired by The Ten Bull progression of short poems and pictures used in Zen Buddhism to illustrate stages of enlightenment. We are in the continuum of griots, mystics, monks, musicians, sufis, singers and healers. We are the star nation and we have the original instructions.  

TANYA EVANSON (text, vocals), NINA SEGALOWITZ (Inuit throat singing), CAULDER NASH (keys, programming), MARK HAYNES (electric bass) and ZIYA TABASSIAN (Persian percussion).

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